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Communication is the be-all and end-all.

For communication to be successful, everyone needs to speak the same language. When not everyone does, you need an interpreter or translator.

I offer professional language services for your spoken (interpreting) and written (translation) communication in English or German at native-speaker level in either language.

For other language combinations, I can assist you by bringing you together with colleagues from my network, by organising teams of interpreters and arranging for the right technology (organisation) – and can also help you with other language-related needs (other services).

about me

Werkzeuge meiner Arbeit: Mikrofon und Kopfhörer

key facts

Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, and raised bilingually in English and German in South Africa, Jordan and Germany.

Vocational training and 15 years of professional experience in various positions in and outside of Germany.

Freelance translator and interpreter since 2005. Qualifications obtained since: degree in multilingual communication from Cologne University of Applied Sciences, certification as interpreter and translator, and membership in the national association of interpreters and translators.

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why me?

In many EU countries, anyone can offer their services as a translator or interpreter. No formal qualification, proof of regular training or membership in professional associations is required. That can make it difficult for you to find a competent partner for your communication needs.

As a professional, I may not offer you the lowest rates, but well-founded knowledge, the right tools, guaranteed confidentiality, absolute reliability, customer focus and high levels of quality. Like many professional interpreters and translators, I have joined a professional association, which requires its members to prove their qualifications and commit to a code of ethics, as well as offering training to members – all in order to ensure the highest professional standards. As further evidence of my professional and organisational competence, I have obtained ISO certification.

This is what you can expect from me.

why me?

certified quality

Because I grew up bilingually, my use of both my active languages is very natural. I place great importance on the quality of my work. That is why I make sure to keep my languages and cultural knowledge up to date, regularly attend training courses, prepare extensively for interpreting assignments and follow up on them, and will adhere to your corporate wording or terminology in translations if requested. My quality standards hold up to the test: I have been certified compliant with the ISO 17100 standard.


When you translate or interpret a text, you need to fully understand the meaning of the text before expressing it in another language. Not only does that require in-depth knowledge of both languages but also broad background knowledge of the field you are working in and of cultural implications. My professional qualifications, many years of practical experience, regular training and meticulous preparation and research ensure that I deliver the correct contents, not just words and phrases.

customer focus

I see myself as someone who offers you solutions. I may not be able to resolve each and every one of your issues, but I can offer extensive support and advice in order to help you find the best solution. Plus, I am flexible and willing to try new approaches if the standard way of doing things isn't enough to cover your requirements.


There's always someone who will do it for less. What counts at the end of the day, though, is value for money. My pricing is transparent, my quotations are straightforward and clear so you immediately know what costs to expect.


As a professional interpreter and translator, I work with the usual office applications as well as with tools specially designed for terminology management and computer-aided translation. I am also familiar with the special conference equipment used for interpreting.


Treating any documents or information I obtain from clients confidentially goes without saying for me – before, during and after performing the work. This complies with the code of honour and professional conduct issued by the German interpreters' and translators' association BDÜ, that every member has signed. The BDÜ code is currently only available in German, but to provide you with an idea of its contents, take a look at the English Institute of Translation and Interpreting's code.


I keep to my commitments, unconditionally. You can rely on me.

professional ethics

I comply strictly with the code of honour and professional conduct issued by my professional association, the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators, BDÜ. The code is currently not available in English, but the English association (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) has issued a very similar code that the link below leads to.

iso standard

Work with a certified supplier: I am certified in accordance with ISO 17100.

voice samples

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voice samples in German and English

silvia fritzsching


interpreting & organisation


other services

silvia fritzsching : interpreting & organisation

interpreting & organisation

When speakers speak a different language than their audience, it requires an interpreter to make sure their message comes across. An interpretation can be delivered simultaneously with the speech or consecutively. I offer services in both types of interpreting for the language combinations English-German and German-English, and can advise you on what interpreting method is best to ensure that your event is a success. If you require other language combinations, I can put together teams with skilled colleagues from my network. I can arrange for the technical equipment you may require and will handle the assignment from A to Z.

The "why me" menu item will tell you more about the standard of quality that I apply I my work.

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Written texts leave a lasting impression. That is why it is particularly important for a written translation not only to use the correct terminology, but that the style is flawless and it reads well. I translate into both my active languages, German and English, at native-speaker level. A native-speaker translation has a more natural style that is more idiomatic, concise, and easier to read and understand than a translation into a foreign language. This is where my personal strength lies. The principle applies equally to marketing texts, contracts and guidelines or complex technical texts.

I use TRADOS, a software for computer-aided translation – a tool that is particularly interesting in large-scale projects.

The "why me" menu item will tell you more about the standard of quality that I apply I my work.

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silvia fritzsching : translations
silvia fritzsching : other services

other services

Sometimes, it takes something else than interpreting or translation to bridge the gap between different languages. You may need someone to take minutes in a foreign language, accompany a delegation, provide assistance in an international project or proofread confidential documents at your premises. Thanks to my broad professional experience, I am familiar with a range of different tasks besides translating and interpreting, and can adapt flexibly to your needs.

Just get in touch!

The "why me" menu item will tell you more about the standard of quality that I apply I my work.

> My general terms


I have worked with a number of companies and organisations over the course of my many years of professional experience.
These are some examples:

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silvia lass-adelmann
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